At the time of the consultation the deck will be checked for outwardly visible signs of dry rot, cracked boards and stability. In our written recommendation to the homeowner we will suggest any areas of the deck that need to be repaired and the repairs will be made as a first step in the restoration process.

The Superior Finish uses one of the highest quality oil based stains on the market. After the deck has dried from the brightening process the stain in the color of the homeowner’s choice is applied by hand to the deck. We do not spray decks to protect the siding of the home and to be able to apply a quality finish to the deck. All horizontals of the deck receive two coats of stain and all verticals receive one coat of stain. Since horizontal surfaces see much more wear and are exposed to the weather much more than verticals two coats of stain help protect those surfaces better while one coat is sufficient on verticals.



Four Steps to a Beautiful Finish

The Superior Finish:
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Color Selection


The Superior Finish specializes in protecting all of your exterior wood from the harsh effects of our Colorado climate.  By cleaning, repairing, staining and sealing your deck, fence, playset, retaining wall and any other exterior wood we help you keep your investment not only looking good but protected from the harsh effects of the Colorado climate.  We serve customers all over the Denver Metro area to keep their investments not only looking good but help prevent costly rotting and damage.  As one of the only companies in Colorado who specialize in refinishing your exterior wood using the professional grade products we use, we know we can give your exterior wood not only a great look but save you time and money on the expense of having to replace your wood hardscapes, and the effects of poor quality stain and paint.

If the wood is showing signs of aging and discoloration a chemical brightener will be applied to the deck to restore "life" to the wood. The brightener is applied to the deck floor and sometimes the top caps as needed. Giving the wood an almost new appearance, this makes the wood bright and ready to accept a new coat of stain.


The stain we recommend for decks and fences offers 8 different color choices.  If you need inspiration please take a look at our Pinterest page.


For a deck that has previously been stained, the old stain, dirt and any weathering (greying of the wood caused by UV rays) are removed from the wood using a powerful professional grade stripper that is designed for the wood decking. After the stripper is removed any residual areas of stain, discolorations or rough spots are sanded down leaving the deck looking like new with bare wood. For decks that are painted the process is more involved. A floor sander will be brought in to sand the floor of the deck, any areas that are unable to be covered by the sander such as corners, top caps, and fascia will be hand sanded. After the sanding is complete the deck will then be cleaned from all debris, dirt and left over discoloration.